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In the last few years, co-working spaces have soared in popularity. More and more professionals are swapping their office cubicles for open and collaborative workspaces where they can interact with colleagues and coworkers from other departments – and even other companies! This shift in work habits has led to growing relationships within companies and a rise in interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration.

According to the Harvard Business Review, co-working spaces allow professionals to excel at work, scoring 6 points out of 7 in a study on thriving at the workplace, which is a full-point higher from those in traditional offices.

Here are some of the reasons co-working spaces are great for employee interaction.

  1. No Office Politics

Unlike the traditional office setting, which can foster nasty office politics, co-working spaces don’t subscribe to a workplace hierarchy. Places like this are opportunities for like-minded people from different fields to come together in a community.

In a co-working space, you can set unhealthy competition aside and focus on what really matters: doing meaningful work.


  1. Place to do meaningful work

As mentioned earlier, co-working spaces allow you to set aside office baggage and focus completely on your work. No need to pander to bosses or appease annoying co-workers; these places are environments where people can be themselves without fear of judgment.

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  1. Opportunity To Collaborate

The people you find in co-working spaces are from diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re a writer, graphic artist, entrepreneur, software developer, manager, or something else, co-working spaces provide a lot of opportunities to collaborate and share different perspectives.

More often than not, meeting someone from a different background can help you gain new insights on your own work. Likewise, you also have an opportunity to share your own knowledge and perspective to someone who might need it. Co-working places are great places for developing symbiotic work relationships and coming up with mutually beneficial work. What is more, it opens the door for new perspectives and points of view.


  1. Change Of Scenery

Tired of going to the same old office everyday? Co-working spaces can help you regain motivation and rejuvenate your competitive drive.

Working in an unfamiliar place has been proven to boost creativity and productivity as well as provide an avenue for inspired work. Co-working spaces are a great way to break the monotony of your everyday routine and give you something to look forward to.


  1. More control over time

Today’s professionals value time over status and wealth. Co-working spaces help you get away from the humdrum nine-to-five and structure your day the way you want to.

A co-working space can help you take control of your time whether you like working in the wee hours of the night or the crack of dawn, or if you want to squeeze in a midday gym session. It’s the perfect setting for maximizing your work during the times you are most productive.

If you’re looking for a new homebase, check out your local area for an office for rent or a co-working space. Not only will this help clear your mind, it will also be a great way to escape the monotony of office culture.