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An ecosystem isn’t healthy unless it has all of its various components present and working together in harmony. The absence of any one particular element can put the entire system out of balance and the result is likely to be less than ideal.

This principle has been observed in nature as well as in artificial systems, and it holds true in the world of Internet marketing. Too often, Internet marketing campaigns fail not because of a lack of effort or talent, but because a certain crucial piece of the ecosystem of lead generation was forgotten or neglected.

Here at Straight North, an Internet marketing company, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to visualize the ecosystem of Internet marketing lead generation in order to understand it and help our clients build better campaigns. The following infographic is the blueprint of successful Internet marketing lead generation that we have developed based on our research and experience.

As you put together a campaign of your own, this blueprint may help you identify any missing elements in your campaign and remind you to make certain they are present. Whether you are aware of them or not, missing elements of this ecosystem can have disastrous effects, so be sure you’re aware of how everything in the ecosystem fits together.