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If you’re committed to building a successful website you have to focus in finding profitable keywords. Keyword research is an often underestimated part of SEO. If you want your website to be found by search engines then you must know how to find profitable keywords for your website. This guide will teach you everything about finding profitable keywords. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activity for the success of your website.


Relevance is the key factor to consider when choosing the right keywords. If it does not have no relevance to your niche then leave them out. The best way to stay in track is to start with the main root keyword and remove any non-relevant keywords. For instance, if your main root keyword is learn how to play piano and the search provides you with a keyword how to tune a piano this is consider a non-relevant keyword.


Improve your website traffic with proper keyword usage. The most profitable keywords are high traffic and low competition. Basically you want to find the best keywords with high monthly searches (people looking for information on the specific keyword) and low competition (there aren’t many people writing about the topic).  I mainly focus on keywords with 1000 monthly searches with at least 80 searches per day. My SEO Competition, I stay at 30,000 competing websites because this gives me a fair chance to rank for the keyword.


Finding low competition keywords are a great return on your investment and time. The biggest mistake you can make is trying to optimize your website with keywords that have too much competition. Every single market has some sort of competition, if its a saturated niche it might take your years to get rank and make money. Taking the time to research competition will help find the best possible results for achieving a successful website.  A rule of thumb is to find keywords with low competition but high searches.

Commercial Value

Search volume is an important metric when determining the value of a keyword. If the keyword has no commercial value it means that there is no potential to make money. The higher the keyword worth the better it will be for your website. There are free tools you can use to determine the value of the keyword. I personally use Google Adwords its free to use and the information comes directly from Google.  For instance lets say you are searching for the keyword training a puppy, the months search for this keyword is 12,000 a month, and the keyword worth is $1.06 per click. If you were to rank top 10 for the keyword you can possibly make $1272 a month from one single keyword.

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