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It takes much of efforts and some investment to put up a blog with precious content. However, it is a bitter truth that most struggle with very low traffic presence, disinterested people who are reluctant to share the posts and much more. Have you ever wondered why it sucks to be a blogger despite the plethora of opportunities for monetization through this platform? The positive aspect is that you can fix these issues leveraging some advanced techniques. Before attempting to do so, take a note of the top 6 reasons, why most people have problems with their blogs.

Share Buttons Visibility

The secret has been finally revealed that social media channels direct a significant amount of traffic to a new blog. Then the visitors from search engines start visiting the posts with gradual improvement in the search engine result page (SERP) rankings. You will get some small social media buttons with the blog theme templates. Nevertheless, they are hard to notice and people do not intend to spend time searching for these buttons. The social media and bookmarking buttons should be large, colorful and mostly situated at the top of your post.

Are You Pinning Images With the Posts?

The experts have been suggesting keeping the posts interesting and engaging. The bloggers need to add interesting and relevant photos with each of their posts. Your blog should have at least 1 image per post. In addition to this, graphical representation of the facts, statistics data and other details offer a better visualization and understanding. Try to use some Photoshop software to make the images look attractive. They can be shared on places like Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and much more to bring huge traffic.

Customize Blog Theme

Majority of the bloggers commit a big mistake by keeping the blog theme in default mode as they choose them from the theme gallery of the service provider. If you are not HTML savvy enough, you can always hire such services for a reasonable price online. This takes only a few hours and minimal expenses to get it done with perfection. This will make your blog niche oriented, exceptional and very personal in appearance. This allows you to use more call to actions, add widgets and plugins and much more. All these elements make your blog appearance more interesting and attractive to the readers.

Link Building with Social Media Websites

How many social media profiles do you have? Do you have enough of followers and friends on these channels? If the answer to the above questions is ‘many’, then you have solution right away. One of the eminent reasons of encountering blogging hardships is the lack of social sharing. Whenever you publish a post on your blog, take some time to share them across these accounts. You can also use social media management software for the purpose.

Position of Ads on the Blog

It is really good if you are regarding monetization through the banner ads display on your blog. However, there is a technique to get the things done properly. It becomes difficult to read the posts, if the ads are positioned in the midst of the contents. Proper positioning of the ads is important and beneficial for gaining more clicks on the ads as well as the readability of the contents.

It takes little time and some small effort to fix the problems with your blog. If you still have problems, it is high time to consult a professional to mend the errors or take out some time for research and accomplish the task.

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