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How-To-Grow-Your-Etsy-Shop-Email-ListYou probably have heard the saying, “The money is in the list” or the fortune is in the follow up? Well its true! Its cheaper to retain than acquire a new customer. 

Growing your Etsy email list is one of the most effective marketing techniques. It can be quite difficult trying to figure how to collect emails on Etsy because as a seller you’re not supposed to solicit someones email. 

Others give up the idea of even attempting to collect emails because they assumed it can only be done if they have a blog. 

However, their are ways around the obvious of asking for an email directly. I will be going over a strategy that many of the top prominent Etsy Shops are currently doing but know one really talks about.  

Also, keep in mind that you don’t need a blog to get started!

I have found that offering an incentive is a great way to grow my mailing list. I offer a 10% off their purchase for an exchange of their email. This has been an effective method if increasing my subscribes list rapidly. 

I have added an extra image to all my listings with a call to action asking the customer to sign up for my email to receive 10% off on their purchase. 

The image directs the customer to click on the listing description to sign up for my newsletter. I place the link to sign up for my newsletter in the listing description and make sure it stands out by adding get your 10% of discount here! The customer signs-up and a new window pops open to claim their discount within seconds. 

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Steps to creating your form

So how do you get STARTED? 

  1. Sign-up with Mailer Lite and start with their  FREE plan with subscribers list of 1-1,000. (Includes unlimited emails per month) Use my link to receive a $20 credit that you will receive if you end up upgrading in the future. 
  2. Create a list with Mailer Lite. This is where all the new subscribers will show up. 
  3. Create your form with their drag and drop editor which makes it easy to create your opted-in form. The best part no website/blog needed!
  4. TEST to make sure your form is working properly. 
  5. Update all the listings on your shop with the call to action image that will lead them to the form to sign-up for the discount. 
  6. Add the link to the listing description in the top area visible to the customer.
  7. Create the coupon code on Etsy and set up the form so they receive the promotion code within seconds of signing up. Click below to watch tutorial! ⤵️

By following these steps you have created an opt-in form to start collecting emails with out the need of a blog or website. I hope this tutorial came in handy and I can’t wait to hear all the success stories! Click here to view all of my —- > Etsy tutorials!