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Professional-product-packaging-tips-for-etsy-sellersTips for Professionally Packaging Your Etsy Products

Everyone knows that what’s inside the package is the most important. But, this doesn’t mean that the exterior should be boring. On the contrary, when you are an Etsy seller, you should start your product’s story exactly with the packaging. It should give your buyer the first hint about the product and make him curious to open it and discover what’s inside. So, this article is going to show you what tips you can use to create a professional package and impress your customers.

Wrap your products safely

Before adding any other elements to attract your customer’s attention, you need to take care that your product arrives safely to the destination. Once the postman delivers the packageto your buyer, the product has to be in excellent shape. Therefore, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Pay extra attention if you sell fragile products. You can use bubble wrap or shredded paper to protect your products and prevent any accidents. In addition, use extra tape to make sure that the package doesn’t open on the way to your customers.
  • If you sell art prints or other related products, add a firm backing in your package.
  • If you sell products which are moisture averse, then make sure to put them in a plastic bag before you fix them in the final packaging.

Furthermore, even though you want to prevent anything bad from happening to your product, moderation is always the key. Stay away from using too much packaging, especially when you cannot use 100% recycled materials. What is more, even though excessive packaging will show your customers that you want them to receive the products in perfect condition, it can also be annoying.

Personalization is the key

When you choose the packaging for your products, color coordinationis very important. Combine the tissue paper with the decorative tape, making sure to include your logo’s colors on them. You can also create custom labels featuring your logo and thus giving your clients the first sign that a big surprise is waiting for them inside the packaging.

You can go further with the “Wow!” factor and opt for personalized packaging. Therefore, you can add ribbons or hanging tags with the name of your customers on it. In addition, you can also add a personalized message or thank you note inside, establishing a strong relationship with your customer and making him part of your story.

If you deliver your products abroad, a good idea is to translate your messages in your customers’ mother tongue. You can check PickWritersto choose the best translation servicesand make a nice surprise to your clients.

Include a little something

If you want your customers to come back for more and talk about you online, you can surprise them by adding an unexpected goodie. You can choose a lightweight and fun item which is not going to add anything to the shipping cost. For example, you can use stickers, magnets, or buttons with your logo on them. You can also include samples of other top products that complement the purchased item. This is how you will give your clients the opportunity to test other products from your line and the chances are that he will include those products in his next order too.

You can make your client’s day by including a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be 10-pageslong. It is enough to add just a few lines where you give your buyer some special instructions on how to use your product and you thank him for his purchase. You can make this note even more personal and use his first name.

Apart from the handwritten note and freebies, consider also including your business card and the invoice. You can also include a coupon with a discount code and so generate more sales. Moreover, you may hear other Etsy sellers who send sweets to their customers to show their appreciation. This is not necessarily a clever idea as your customers might suffer from different allergies or diseases which don’t allow them to enjoy your gifts. On the other hand, if your customers live in the hot areas of the country, it may happen that your sweets will melt during transportation.

Use eco-friendly materials

People have become more aware of their carbon footprint and impact they have on the environment. Therefore, by using eco-friendly materials in your packaging, you will show them that you share the same values. What is more, eco-friendly materials are cheaper.

When your buyer receives an item from your Etsy store and he sees a pretty packaging, his excitement will be even bigger. Showing that you spent extra time and money to make your packaging a bit more special, will make your customers even more loyal than before.