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How To Increase Etsy Sales

increase etsy sales
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A few days ago, I asked my audience what’s your number one struggle on Etsy? I got so many responses and the most common question was how to increase Etsy sales. 

increase etsy sales

A couple of other comments that stood out:

  • How to convert visits into sales
  • How to get more visibility for my Etsy products
  • How to get consistent Etsy sales regularly 

These were the three responses that the majority shared regarding their struggle with their Etsy shop. 

In today’s blog post, I wanted to give you some practical advice on how to increase Etsy sales, things you should be doing that will help you create systems in place to grow on auto-pilot, which will help you focus on other areas of your business, and how to speed up the process that will validate your product ideas a lot faster and then you can make decisions based on actual data. 

Etsy Tips

increase etsy sales

It all starts with an irresistible, unique product. 

That caters to a specific market. It’s not about reinventing the wheel and creating a product from scratch. How can you make a profitable product in the Etsy marketplace and make it better than your competitors? 

You need to evaluate your products and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why will customers buy from you?
  2. How is your product better than the competition? 
  3. What are the main pain points you are solving? 

If you can’t answer these questions about your products, you need to focus on this before proceeding with anything else. 

Suppose you’re having a hard time adding your unique selling proposition. In that case, you can do the following – find who are your top 3 competitors, what are they offering, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and use that information to make your product better than theirs. 

If you have a product that everyone else is selling and is not memorable enough, it will be hard to covert visits into actual sales. You might get the occasional sale but not make enough to make Etsy your full-time income. 


Getting favorites but no sales is not always a bad thing.

If you’re getting a lot of favorites on a specific listing, but it’s not translating into sales, that’s a good indicator that people do like your product. 

This is your opportunity to see what you can do to improve this listing for higher conversion.

Look at your product description because it does play a significant role in whether you will make a sale or not. You’ll need to describe precisely what you are selling and be as detailed as possible. If you sell tangible items, you will need to describe the item, size, precise measurements, and color of the item. Do you accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations? Describe in great depth. Including all of these elements in the description will help avoid confusion, build credibility with buyers, and close out the sale. 

These might be the missing ingredients for why these visits are not translating into sales and help increase Etsy sales.

Using Descriptive Words To Gain Visibility

When people search on the Etsy feed, they use descriptive words to find what they are looking for. An example of this would be a “black table lamp.” This is why using long-tail keywords is the best way to get in front of your target audience and increase your sales. When someone types in the search for “black table lamp” they are searching with an intent to buy. They know exactly what they want. 

So focus on keyword phrases instead of single words like “table” or “lamp” which is broad and harder to rank for. 

Do SEO research before creating a new product. 

The biggest mistake you can make as an Etsy seller is not doing the grunt work of researching your keywords. You have to validate your product ideas first before making the actual product. Do keyword research to see if you can find profitable keywords. Are you going to rank organically, or will this new product idea require you to run ads to get more exposure due to it being on a saturated market? 

Etsy SEO Guide

Focus on customer retention.

While focusing on new leads is great, don’t forget about customer retention. Many sellers are so focused on the next lead they forget all about the customers they currently have. 

Some things you can do to build loyal fans:

  • I recommend setting up a thank you coupon that should be sent 24 hours after you mark an order complete to encourage that buyer to become a repeat buyer. 
  • In addition, include a handwritten thank you card to make the experience a memorable one for the customer. 
  • Reach out to the customer to make sure they receive their package and if they have any questions for you. 

Doing little things like these will help you get raving fans who will want to buy from you over and over again. In which return help you increase Etsy sales.

Speed up the process of validating your products with Etsy ads.

As you probably have experience growing a business organically takes a lot of dedication, time, and consistency. However, if you have the means, I recommend running Etsy ads.

This will help fast-track the product validation process by getting your products in front of more people faster and quicker than organic methods and seeing if your product idea is a winning product or if you have to make additional changes. 

Create Systems and Processes to Grow Your Business On Auto-Pilot 

Putting your business on autopilot means that it can thrive without you, the owner needing to show up to work in the business every day. So, how do you get your business on auto-pilot? 

Here are some ways to automate your Etsy business:

  1. Automate your email marketing with an email sequence 
  2. Batch our your social media content and use a scheduling tool to automate it 
  3. Run any form of advertising on Etsy or FB that drives continuous traffic to your products.
  4. Hire a VA to delegate some of your work and free up more of your time
  5. Start blogging to drive organic traffic to your products regularly.
  6. Create processes for your Etsy business – test them out, see what works and what doesn’t, and keep refining your process until you find what works for you

If you follow these Etsy tips, it will help you create a business that works on auto-pilot, with processes in place, help you increase Etsy sales, and help you grow a sustainable business for the long run. 

This blog post was all about how to increase Etsy sales. 


And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

Rooting for you!

– Nancy

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