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Twitter is my favorite way today to stay relevant and connected. Twitter makes its easy to reach out to people and send out information within seconds. Using Twitter the right way will help you drive traffic and achieve incredible results. Not many people are aware of how to use Twitter to their advantage and the power it has to drive their business to its optimum state.

In this post, I will reveal my Twitter tricks and tips to increase my click through rate from 18 to 3410 clicks per month in a short period of 6 months.  My click through rate increased by 197.8 % which is very impressive. I have attached my screen shots from Google Analytics from Aug 2014- Feb 2015. 

Google Analytics Traffic:


Clicks Per Month: Aug 19, Sept 47, Oct 222, Nov 744, Dec 1783, Jan 3,241, Feb 3,410


 Case Study For Increasing Your Twitters Followers

When I first started my case study my Twitter Account had under 10k followers. I was averaging 18 clicks per month. The click through rate was extremely low and barely generating traffic to my blog. Since Twitter gives you a threshold of 2,000 people you can follow, I was always finding myself limited in following new users.

I started researching how to increase my Twitter followers and found out that a majority of people in Twitter buy followers. Anyone with a few bucks can buy followers and instantly add on thousands of followers. Buying followers has become standard practice.

The followers will serve to help boost your Twitter profile with minimum efforts and allows you to follow more people. The purpose of buying followers is because Twitter lets you follow 2,000 users at a time, when you have reach this threshold you will need to wait until you have more following you in order to follow more.

Versus when you buy followers you can instantly start following users right away with out the need to wait. So, where did I get my followers might be your next question? I bought my followers at FiverrYou can easily purchase 2,000 followers for as low as $5 dollars. Not a bad cost for the amount of followers your getting. 

Following Target Audience

Once you’ve bought followers the next step is following the right people on Twitter. Start by following your target audience on Twitter.

  • An effective way to find relevant people is by using Twitter’s search functionality

For example, lets say you have a product or service for Gardeners. Start by doing a search with #gardeners with Twitter. You could then start following these individuals that are relevant to your business.




Other Strategies To Finding Your Target Market On Twitter:

  • Find active users and influencers relevant to your business.
  • Follow users in the same geographic region. 
  • Find groups relevant to your business. 


Tweet Adder Automation

Lastly I used a software automation named, Tweet Adder. The vast benefits of using Tweet Adder are an automated system that helps you get quality Twitter followers. The facility to leave Tweet Adder on and loop messages all day long while I am working on other projects is the best part for me.  I also have the automated software send a “thank you” message every time I gain a new follower.

Tweet Adder Main Features:

  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Fully Customizable Options
  • White List- Ensure these profiles are never unfollowed
  • Black List- Never follow these profiles
  • Full user info- Date last tweet, pic, and demographics
  • Follow back users who have followed you
  • Search by language filters
  • Weed out users with default profile pictures
  • Ignores users with URL’s in their profile bio
  • Set search filters for # of followers/following
  • Free Trial 

If you lather, rinse, and repeat this formula you will be able to increase your Twitters followers in no time and have more traffic redirected to your products or services. This formula is not for everyone to use and I am not encouraging that buying followers is the only way to gain momentum in your Twitter Account.

This is simply my own Twitter Case Study of how I was able to increase my click through rate by 197.8 % in just short time of 6 months. Join my newsletter and you’ll get one delightful email a week about successful marketing, starting a blog, and case studies to improve your blog!