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Social media has changed the way business communicate with customers. Learning how to conduct yourself through social media is crucial since it’s a direct reflection on your business.

Social media is a powerful tool to market to customers, established a brand when done correctly. This post includes the top 10 rules of social media etiquette to keep in mind when networking. 

Rules of Social Media Etiquette

1. Fill Out Your Social Media Profiles:

Filling out your online profile is one of the basic task that is necessary for creating a transparent business and community.

Your profile should include:

  • Real name
  • Business name
  • Your photo
  • Website address
  • Short Bio

2. Separate Personal & Business:

Set up a separate work related account and another for persona use on each social networking site. Keeping a separate business account lets you keep your personal life for your friends. 

3. Provide Valuable Content:

Add valuable content to your social media channels that will keep consumers coming back to you. The key to engaging your social media audience is by providing the best possible experience by creating high quality content. 

4. Everything Is Public

Becareful about the messages you post, the comments you share, and picture you post. When engaging in social networking sites protect your reputation and identity. Word of mouth can be very powerful for growing your reputation as well harming it. Behave as you would offline. 

5. Respond To All Comments: 

Responding to positive and negative comments demonstrate that feedback is important to you, be it good or bad. 

6. Don’t Spam:

When you send unsolicited sales messages to someone via a social media messaging system is consider spam. There is nothing wrong with adding sales pitch to your social media site when it’s done tasteful. If you are constantly spamming your pages and others eventually it will turn off others and they will unfollow you. 

7. Play By The Rules:

Joining social media groups and community can open up professional opportunities, receive support from like-minded individuals, and establish your brand. However, you mist be able to read the term and conditions of the community and play by the rules. 

8. Add A Profile Picture:

Adding a profile photo is a great way to personalize your profile. 

9. Build Relationships: 

Don’t simply collect friends it’s better as a business to cultivate meaningful relationships.

10. Don’t Be Needy:

Resist the urge to beg your friends to like your page or follow you. If someone happens to unfollow you don’t ask them why they unfriend you.