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What Is Etsy Bestseller Badge

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This blog post is all about what is Etsy bestseller badge. 

Are you curious about the Etsy Bestseller Badge and what it means for sellers on the platform? Whether you’re an established Etsy seller or just starting out, understanding the significance of this badge can greatly impact your business. In this article, we will delve into how to find top sellers on Etsy, how to find Etsy bestsellers, and unravel the importance of the Etsy badge.

So, let’s explore the world of Etsy bestsellers and how they can help boost your success on the platform.


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How Does Best Seller Items On Etsy Look Like

The best seller items on Etsy or Etsy’s pick will have a bestseller yellow badge on them. 


Here are some additional Etsy badges of bestsellers.

Let’s explore more about what is Etsy bestseller badge. There can be instances where a bestseller badge may not appear on a listing, and this could be attributed to the presence of other badges such as the “Popular Now” or “Etsy’s Pick” badges.

The “Popular Now” badge typically signifies a surge in sales within a short timeframe, while the “Etsy Pick” badge indicates that the item has been chosen by Etsy as a noteworthy product. These additional badges serve as alternative recognition for exceptional performance and can coexist with the bestseller badge.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the various badges and their significance in evaluating the success of an item on Etsy.

Benefits Of Getting Etsy Best Seller Badge

The presence of a best seller badge on your listing offers several advantages that can positively impact your Etsy shop:

1. Enhanced Visibility: The bestseller badge increases the visibility of your listing in search results, making it more likely to be seen by potential customers. This heightened exposure can lead to increased traffic and greater opportunities for sales.

2. Trust and Credibility: Displaying the “bestseller” badge signifies that your shop has achieved significant success and customer satisfaction. This badge can instill confidence in shoppers, indicating that your shop is experienced, reliable, and trustworthy.

3. Improved Conversion Rate: The bestseller badge has the potential to boost your conversion rate, which measures the percentage of visitors who make a purchase. When shoppers see the badge, they are more inclined to buy from your shop, as it serves as a validation of your products and reputation.

4. Increased Sales and Ranking: With a higher conversion rate and more purchases, your sales are likely to increase. The boost in sales, in turn, can contribute to improved rankings in Etsy’s search algorithm. The more successful your listings are, the higher they may appear in search results, resulting in even greater visibility and sales opportunities.

By leveraging the power of the bestseller badge, you can enhance your shop’s reputation, attract more customers, and ultimately drive higher sales on Etsy.

How Do You Get Etsy Bestseller Badge

When it comes to the bestseller badge on Etsy, there are a few important points to consider:

  • Badge Description: Etsy provides a description when you hover over the bestseller badge, stating that the item has achieved a high sales volume over the past 6 months. This indicates that the badge is based on recent sales performance rather than the entire sales history of the product.
  • Non-Permanent Badge: It’s crucial to understand that the bestseller badge is not permanent. If a product fails to meet the requirements or maintain a high sales volume, the badge can be lost. This emphasizes the importance of consistently meeting the criteria to retain the badge.
  • Unclear Criteria: Etsy has not officially disclosed the exact criteria for obtaining the bestseller badge. There are certain aspects that remain unknown, such as the specific number of units that need to be sold within the 6-month period, the frequency of evaluation (potentially on a monthly basis like the Star Seller evaluation), and whether the “high sales volume” is relative to competitors or a specific sales threshold.

While the exact requirements may not be transparent, the bestseller badge still holds significance in signaling popularity and success within the Etsy marketplace. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Increased Sales: Attaining the bestseller badge implies that your product has experienced a significant volume of sales in recent months. This recognition can attract more customers, leading to increased sales for your shop.
  • Enhanced Credibility: The bestseller badge serves as a trust indicator for potential buyers, suggesting that your shop and products have demonstrated a level of popularity and customer satisfaction. This can instill confidence and encourage shoppers to make a purchase.
  • Improved Visibility: The bestseller badge can contribute to improved visibility in Etsy’s search results. As a popular and highly sought-after item, your listing may receive more exposure and appear higher in relevant searches, driving additional traffic and potential sales.

While the specific criteria for obtaining the bestseller badge remains undisclosed, focusing on consistently delivering quality products, optimizing your listings, and implementing effective marketing strategies can help increase your chances of achieving and retaining this valuable recognition on Etsy.

How To Find Best Sellers on Etsy

Discovering Etsy bestsellers has become even more convenient due to a recent update in Etsy search. This new feature allows you to easily identify the top-selling items in your niche and gain insights into why they are performing exceptionally well. Here’s how you can find Etsy bestsellers:

1. Keyword Search and Filters: Begin by conducting a keyword search relevant to your interest. Once the search results are displayed, locate the “filters” option and click on it.

2. Select “Bestsellers”: Within the filters section, navigate to the “special offers” category and check the box next to “Bestsellers.” By selecting this option, you will be presented with a curated list of the best-selling products related to your chosen keyword.

3. Skip Promoted Listings: It’s important to note that the search results may include promoted listings, which may not necessarily be bestsellers. For a more accurate representation, it’s advisable to skip over these promoted listings.

4. Badge Exclusions: It’s worth mentioning that some of the bestselling listings might not display the “bestseller” badge due to various reasons, including ongoing sales or the presence of other badges like “Popular Now” or “Etsy’s Pick.”

Key Points to Consider:

  • Enhanced Research: The ability to easily access Etsy bestsellers empowers you to conduct in-depth research into successful products within your niche. Analyzing their attributes, pricing, descriptions, and customer engagement can provide valuable insights to apply to your own listings.
  • Competitive Analysis: By studying the top-selling items, you can gain a better understanding of market trends and customer preferences. This knowledge enables you to position your products effectively, identify potential gaps in the market, and make informed decisions to optimize your own sales strategy.
  • Inspiration for Success: The presence of Etsy bestsellers serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. Observing the success of others within your niche can spark new ideas, encourage innovation, and drive you towards achieving similar levels of popularity and sales.

Exploring Etsy bestsellers offers a valuable opportunity to gain insights, refine your own product offerings, and maximize your sales potential on the platform. By leveraging this feature and analyzing successful listings, you can enhance your understanding of market dynamics and make informed decisions to propel your Etsy business forward.

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Unlocking Insights From Etsy’s Best Sellers

Grabbing Attention and Driving Clicks on Etsy

In the vast realm of Etsy, the thumbnail photo holds immense power as it serves as the initial glimpse into your product’s world. It is the captivating visual that entices potential customers to delve deeper into your product page and explore what you have to offer. To make the most of this pivotal element, consider the following aspects when crafting your thumbnail photo:

1. Styling: Curate a visually appealing and cohesive aesthetic that aligns with your brand and product.

2. Colors: Choose colors that harmonize, evoke emotions, and create an eye-catching composition.

3. Composition: Compose your thumbnail photo thoughtfully, considering balance, focus, and visual flow.

4. Extra Text & Words: Strategically incorporate concise and compelling text overlays to highlight key features or benefits.

Focusing on Product Benefits:

1. Emotional Appeal: Bestselling products often emphasize the emotional impact and benefits they bring to customers’ lives.

2. Problem Solving: Highlight how your product addresses a specific need or resolves a common problem.

Product Photos That Show the Whole Picture:

1. Lifestyle Shot: Showcase your product in a real-life context, allowing customers to envision how it fits into their daily lives.

2. Closeup/Detail Shot: Zoom in on intricate details or unique features that set your product apart.

3. Packaging Shot: Display the packaging in an appealing and professional manner, emphasizing the overall presentation.

By incorporating these strategies and expanding your range of product photos, you can effectively capture the essence of your offerings and pique the curiosity of potential buyers. To discover more insights on optimizing your product photos, click here.

Remember, the journey of an Etsy seller is enriched by continuous learning and experimentation, so embrace these tips and embark on the path to success!

Conclusion: What is Etsy bestseller badge

In conclusion, the Etsy Bestseller badge holds significant value for sellers looking to boost their visibility and sales on the platform. Achieving the coveted status of a bestseller on Etsy can greatly enhance your shop’s reputation and attract more customers. Here are the key takeaways from our exploration of the Etsy Bestseller badge:

1. Increased Visibility: The bestseller badge ensures that your listing stands out in search results, grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

2. Trust and Credibility: Displaying the bestseller badge signals to shoppers that your shop is experienced, trustworthy, and has a proven track record of delivering quality products.

3. Improved Conversion Rate: The badge’s presence instills confidence in customers, leading to a higher conversion rate and increased sales.

4. Understanding the Criteria: While Etsy hasn’t explicitly disclosed the exact requirements for obtaining the bestseller badge, it primarily considers the sales volume of a product over the past six months.

5. Notable Features: It’s important to note that certain circumstances, such as running sales, other badges like “Popular Now” or “Etsy’s Pick,” or not meeting the ongoing criteria, may prevent the bestseller badge from being displayed.

By leveraging this knowledge and implementing effective strategies to enhance your sales and customer engagement, you can improve your chances of becoming an Etsy bestseller. Remember to focus on factors such as optimizing your product photos, highlighting product benefits, and staying attentive to evolving trends within your niche.

Embrace the journey of continuous learning and experimentation, keeping your finger on the pulse of what resonates with Etsy shoppers. With dedication, persistence, and a commitment to delivering exceptional products and customer service, you can unlock the potential of becoming a bestseller on Etsy.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of the Etsy Bestseller badge. We hope you found valuable insights to propel your Etsy selling journey and achieve the coveted status of a bestseller. Happy selling on Etsy!

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