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What To Sell On Etsy 2021

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As time changes, so do we – our passions, desires, interests, etc. – which is why in order to continuously make successful sales on Etsy, you need to stay up to date on what your targeted clients are most interested in purchasing.

No matter if you utilize it as a quick side hustle, or a main source of income, anyone who makes the choice of marketing their brands or products on Etsy can be earning anything from some easy pocket cash, to well over 6 figures a year, all depending on the effort and quality of service that’s put forth. So, whether you’re new to selling products on Etsy, or just trying to be one step ahead of the game in the new year’s marketing trends, it’s important to have an early idea of the products your customers would benefit best from to ensure you’re producing, as well as receiving, the best outcomes possible for your business.

For some people, discovering the most desirable products for their business can be quick and easy, especially if their Etsy market is not focused around one specific product; However, for those who have a more narrowed down product line, or those who feel as if they have already thought up every possible option with no satisfaction in regards to the results, it can be challenging to find a beneficial way to enhance your Etsy sales – but with the proper knowledge, anyone looking to advance their business through new product ideas can easily avoid the stress of deciding what items to consider selling.

For example, let’s say your specialty (also known as a niche) is dedicated to the beauty industry, selling skincare products such as organic lotions. Of course, you could continue to try and sell the same lotion over and over in hopes that it maintains its desirability throughout the years, but quite frankly, the majority of successful Etsy marketers are those who frequently update or improve their products to ensure their customers continue to benefit from their business.

How To Gain Sales On Etsy

When you think about it, by only offering to meet one of your customer’s needs, (for the lotion example, we’ll say dry skin) you’re giving them an opportunity to buy your product, use it until satisfied, and then never have a reason to shop from your business again; 

So how can you ensure that your services and products are going to continue helping your customers despite the purchase being a one-time occurrence? Well, the obvious answer for those who don’t have a wide variety of items for sale on their Etsy shop would be to figure out what it is about your product that they find most beneficial to increase the likeliness of them returning to your business and expanding your market with similar products that relate to your niche. That means if your Etsy market is mainly selling organic lotions, (in regard to our example) you can already infer that the majority of your clients have purchased your product because they are either interested in the ‘organic’ qualities of the product, and/or the moisturizing qualities. 

By knowing what draws your customers in, you can easily configure ideas of what similar items they could further benefit from in a way that wouldn’t contradict your product line or brand, such as organic hand soaps or moisturizing facial wipes.

After having more insight as to why it’s important to keep your products updated for you and your customer’s convenience, you’re one step closer to learning what products would be most successful in your Etsy market.

As we approach the new year of 2021, many Etsy marketers are struggling to determine the best services and products to sell on their shop, and since being involved in an online market means not being able to obtain on sight feedback from your consumers, you’ll have to rely on your web-based marketing platforms to determine your successful vs non-successful products.

By keeping a close eye on your customer reviews and ratings, not only can you better differentiate your desirable vs undesirable products, but you’re also likely to find better ideas on how to adapt to that information – whether you use it to improve your products or think up new ones that correspond with your brand; Regardless, knowing what your consumers think of your products can be a great milestone in determining what you could be producing to have successful sales on Etsy.

Although you may have started your Etsy shop with great products that seem to be making great sales, after awhile you might have noticed that the same product which was once the backbone of your market has now decreased in popularity; But although sometimes the drop in sales or profit can be intimidating or stressful, a majority of the time a decrease in product demands stems from personal changes in your customer’s new interests – which does not necessarily mean that your products are not efficient enough, but that you should take note and compromise with what new trends or ‘fads’ your targeted consumers are growing into. So, with that being said, finding new marketing ideas to help you get back in your business flow is not as hard as it seems.

Marketing Trends In 2021

Whether or not you choose to create a similar item, looking into the most popular Etsy marketing trends for 2021 could give you better insight on how to accommodate your products to your customer’s new interests. So, after knowing why you should stay connected with the current flow of the most favorable marketing materials, to fully understand the importance of keeping up with the rising Etsy trends, you’ll need to have an idea of what those trends are to better determine how to adapt your services into the ever-changing marketplace demands.

Tie-dye – When exploring common trends that deal with various niches, it’s nice to know that this happens to be one of those that will be relatively easy for marketers to utilize. From clothing, soaps, coffee mugs, and various other product design opportunities, you can pretty much incorporate the tie-dye fad into almost any business, even if that means something as simple as temporarily altering the design of your packaging (everyone loves a fun and unique looking product!)

Plants – You may never have noticed how something that you’ve seen dozens of times on countless materials or products could be a helpful tool in making sales on Etsy, but to be fair, not very many people have realized that by taking a simple popular concept such as a plant, that alone can open the door to many creative idea opportunities. For instance, if your business is selling notebooks, slap some fashionable plant designs on it, or if you’re more into the soap making business, create some cute succulent-shaped hand soaps or decorative pieces- there’s nothing more sale inducing than providing multiple options of product designs to fit each individual customer’s aesthetics.

The fact is, no matter how unalterable your products may seem, there are plenty of ways to enhance your business by incorporating everyday concepts into your brand. Of course, there are going to be plenty of design options that you can work with in order to enhance your sales, which is a key reason as to why it’s important to stay on top of which ones are in highest demand – because after all, every trend is destined to decrease in popularity over time. However, aside from incorporating more indirect trends into your markets such as plants and tie-dye objects, there are many new items of interest coming in 2021 that almost any market of any niche can take advantage of while continuing to promote their current business.

So, what are some trends or products that can best accommodate your Etsy market in 2021?

Personalized products – From clothing items to coffee mugs, there are many popular products that you can incorporate into your business to show appreciation to your customers without having to produce anything that contradicts your brand; but when deciding what personalized items to distribute, you want to make sure it doesn’t stray too far from your current items – you want the placement of the item in your Etsy market to make sense.

For example, let’s say someone selling homemade coffee tables are struggling to find new items to market, so they’ve chosen the easiest route of creating personalized items to sell alongside the main product of their brand. While there are tons of options to choose from such as t-shirts, jewelry, home décor, water bottles, or any kind of homemade knick-knacks, it’s best to ensure that the one you chose to invest in is going to benefit your targeted audience – so for someone selling coffee tables, a great option to look into would be something like a coaster, coffee mug, or even simple table décor, just how someone selling soaps would find it more beneficial to include soap holders or towels to dry your hands after using the product.

By offering some side benefits to your main products, you’re likely to leave a better impression on those who come across your Etsy shop, because although variety doesn’t always equal more sales, it does prove to your customers that you’re dedicated to your business as well as their satisfaction, which in turn can help you gain clientele.

Similarly, to the design concept, personalized items are a great way to represent and support your brand while increasing sales. One of the wonderful things about adding simple yet effective products to your market is knowing that your customers are getting the products they’re interested in while continuing to support your brand. So even if your Etsy market is proving successful, you can never go wrong by giving your customers options; And when you think about it – by having multiple items available on your Etsy shop, you’re not only giving your current customers more of a reason to prolong their interest in your business, but you’re also creating more attractions that catch the eye of new potential customers.

After knowing more about some effective Etsy marketing ideas for 2021 and how to incorporate them into your shop, the best decision would be to get the ball rolling before the ball drops, or in other words, the sooner you start investing in your product improvements the better!


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