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The first and foremost objective of any website owner is conversion be it in the form of purchases, email signup or lead submission. However in order to achieve this end one needs to keep the visitors on the website as long as possible.

The more engaged your audience, the better are your chances of conversion. In this article we are going to discuss 10 effective ways of keeping your visitors on your site.


#1 Make your website visually attractive:

According to a recent research more than 94% of the first impression of a site on a visitor is entirely based on the visual appeal. If your site is hard to read and navigate then your visitors are not likely to dwell on it for long.

Always make sure to put the most interesting stuff above the fold so that the visitors get to see them without scrolling down or clicking. The text needs to be large and legible and the web designing needs to be sound. 

#2 Link all your contents:

In order to keep your visitor engaged you need to ensure a smooth transition from one article to another. Internal linking or linking of one post to another can be an easy way of engaging your visitors.

#3 Create relevant content:

While writing your website content you need to keep in mind the kind of stuff your audience would actually like to consume. Provide information which would help solve their problem.

#4 Ensure that your website take minimum time to load:

In case your website takes more than a few seconds to load then your visitors are sure to leave. Visitors don’t have the time to test their patience on slow sites. Moreover the ranking algorithm of Google also gives preference to faster loading sites.

#5 Choose the colors and fonts wisely:

Throwing in multiple fonts and a variety of colors might seem cool but it ends up hurting the eyes of your visitors which implies that they are bound to leave your site.

The font needs to be legible and the choice of colors should be kept to a minimum. Stick to light backgrounds and try not to use more than 3 colors.

#6 Use to the point titles for your posts:

Instead of getting creative with your titles you need to make it less confusing. While crafting a title make sure to be clear about the content of the article.

#7 Add videos:

Videos would help you keeping your audience engaged with your site for a longer time. Videos work better since people watching a video over reading an article. In case you have videos on YouTube make sure to embed them on your site.

#8 Make the site easy to navigate:

Visitors are likely to find what they need in a clutter free site which is easy to navigate. Make sure that you don’t have any broken links and try to incorporate a navigation bar with separate categories.

#9 Keep the overall design of your site consistent:

A site which comes with different colors and designs for each page is sure not to hold the visitors for long. Ensure that your logos are maintained with the same size on every page and also keep the headlines of a similar size.

#10 Add Fresh contents:

Always remember that the content is still the king and you need to keep adding new contents which should be relevant to your website. Your audience wouldn’t visit your site if its last blog entry was made 10 months back.

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