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Are you a new blogger and you want to have lots of viewers or something that might catch people attention to your blog then here are at least five blogging tips for your everyday blogger.

If you follow them in each step of the way, then you would have the increasing number of a viewer or even followers on your blog.


Blogging Tips

#1 Use an Interesting and eye catching title

When you are looking for some certain kind of information, the first thing that you are going to do is to search for the suitable keywords on the search engine, and then once there are some options for the different sources, of course, you are going to do some kinds of skimming and scanning.

In this state, of course, the interesting and the eye-catching title would be the one that you are going to click to read the contents of the articles. Therefore, be sure to find the most inviting title for your article.
#2 Write the article with the friendly tone
Articles that are written with the friendly tone mostly are favored by many people because it is understandable and easy to learn about the content. This is what people look when they are reading some kinds of information on some articles they found on the internet.
As we all know, those who are do some reading or browsing for some articles to read is to find some information. So, imagine if you need some certain information but the language or the tone of the articles are not friendly, and you might hardly understand what written inside of course it is useless.

You might as well stop reading the article and find some other articles to read.
#3 Engaged with your guest reader
Another blogging tips for your everyday blogger is to have the interaction with your guest reader. Although not every reader will comment, shares, likes or follow your blog, however, still there are some of them who do that.

So, if they do, then it is better for you to stay in touch with them, get them engaged with the kind of topic you wrote on your blog. One of the kinds of things that you should do is to reply their comment there you can either ask their opinion about something you wrote or something like that.
#4 Write the Interesting Topic
Every day there must be something new; although some of them are interesting some are not. However to have more viewer, it is suggested to find the interesting topic that is like a trending topic that can attract the reader to view your blog, read your articles and give you feedback.

Back to the fact, people read the articles to find some certain question that they have in mind about something that is why it is important to write the kind of interesting topic or more like the updated issue.
#5 Engaged your blog with others
Since there are lots of blogger in the whole worlds, therefore, it is better to build some kinds of relation with those fellow bloggers, whether to share some ideas about blogging or to share some kinds of followers by exchanging link or something like that. This is one of the blogging tips for your everyday blogger.

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