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My Blogging Tip

In this post, I will be talking about my ultimate blogging tips and advice. I would like to start my giving you a brief description of my journey as a blogger. I started blogging due to personal financial issues. I had unexpectedly lost my job and then continue on a down spiral by losing my home.  my-blogging-tip

It all started by searching on Google, “how to make money online.” I was desperate and have heard that you can make money using the Internet. That’s when I came across a company called “Site Sell.” 

The company was set up as a platform where they teach you, how to create a blog from beginning to end the successful way. Site sell provided me the tools to build a profitable online business. My blogging tip would be to join a platform were you learn how to properly create a successful website. 

Site Sell provides a roadmap and powerful tools that guide you through the steps of building an online business, driving traffic, and monetizing your hard work. I joined Site Sell and never looked back.

I highly recommend Site Sell, they have a money guarantee program, it’s not a get rich scam, it takes dedication and handwork to create a successful business online!  Try Site Sell, risk free!

Ultimate Blogging Tips

You can have a rewarding career working from home and been able to spend more time with your family. Blogging has given me the freedom to work from home and earned a pretty good living.

As a blogger, I do not want to underestimate how hard it is to make money online but with a bit of work it’s not impossible. Here is my ultimate list of my top blogging tips! If you have any additional one’s please leave them in the comment area. 

Blogging Tips For Newbies

Be Passionate About Your Topic

We’re all passionate about something. Take a look at your life and identify what your passionate about to interpret into a blog. If you start writing about a topic your not passionate about it will be hard to stick with it in the long run.

Stop Procrastinating

My blogging tip is like Nike’s model, “just do it.” Procrastination is something that everyone deals with. If you come up with a great idea for your blog just do it. My advice is to start jotting your ideas in a notepad, come up with the top 3, and finally start your blog. The more you over think it, the longer you will prolong it.

Be Authentic

I’ve been blogging for about six years and one thing that has become apparent to me is that people respect and responds to authenticity.

Keep in mind the following when writing authentically:

  • Be yourself
  • Write about things you care about
  • Write about things your audience cares about
  • Always respond to comments left on your posts
  • Ask your readers opinions about future post
  • Let your readers know who you are


Get Personal

To get people to read your blog can be quite difficult task to do. My biggest advice I can give is to get personal with your readership. You don’t need to reveal everything about yourself but enough to get some engagement. I personal share my personal experiences about blogging the good and bad.

Here are some additional ways to engage your readers:

  • Write conversationally
  • Use metaphors to engage your audience
  • Inspire your readers
  • Write interesting topics

Be Unique

The world of blogging is a wonderful place filled with tons of blogs. What sets your blog apart from the others? It’s important to develop your own unique blog.

Make sure your content is original, provide quality over quantity, and have a clear mission goal of what you intend to achieve with your blog.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is critical to the success of your website. Knowing you audience helps you adapt the content of your writing to tackle the main concerns of your audience.

Build Your Email List

Begin assembling your email list from the very first moment. Regardless of the fact that you don’t anticipate offering anything, having an email rundown permits you to elevate your new substance to your group of onlookers straightforwardly without stressing about your blog stats.

Call To Action

The biggest objective of your website is having conversions. It’s important to always add a call to action on every single post. The call to action helps drive prospective customers to convert to leads through landing page.

Quality Content

Every post you write should be quality content and add value to your audience. By adding value to your content it will keep your audience happy and coming back for more. My biggest way of adding value to my blog is by sharing all I know.

Be Consistent

Consistency is amongst the biggest struggle for bloggers. Writing a blog takes a lot of work and effort. One of the secrets to successful blogging is consistency. Make sure to set a schedule, begin writing in those set days, and be reliable. Having a consistent schedule helps improve the chances that your readers will see you as a credible brand they can always trust.

My Blogging Tip And Advice

You Need To Be Social

Another great way to build traffic to your blog is interacting in your social media channels. You will need to market your blog post in social media.

Things to keep in mind when sharing content:

  • Develop a sharing schedule
  • Never share the same message twice
  • Optimize your content for each network
  • Monitor your results
  • Experiment with titles
  • Identify your target reader
  • How To Build Your Social Media Audience?

Give It Time

Most people give up to quickly before seeing any results with their blog. Bogging takes time and energy. It does take a lot of work and takes a long time to yield any monetary results. It’s important to give it time and understand it will take time. 


Give Stuff Away

Giving away something of value is how you get your readers hooked. Many bloggers have giveaways in order to get new readership and at the same time build their mailing list.


Things you could give away:

  • A free e-book
  • Free app
  • Offer a free trial
  • Offer a money back guarantee
  • Give away your expertise
  • Offer a free advertising spot on your site as a prize
  • Give a free report


Write Catchy Headlines

A catchy headline is why some blog post becomes popular and some fade into obscurity. The purpose of writing a catchy headline is because they are designed to grab attention. The objective of the catchy headline is to turn a browser into a reader.


Make Your Content Easy To Share

Display social media icons in your website to make your content easily to share. These small social media buttons link to services like Facebook, Twitter, allowing your readership to share your content directly to their social media channels. The most easily shareable is your content; the more people will share it.


Choose Hosting Company


My favorite web hosting is Dream Host. The company offers shared web hosting which is an affordable, quick, and easy way for you to get your site online. Inexpensive web hosting, reliable, and feature filled.  Dream host is the leader in shared web hosting, virtual private senders, dedicated hosting, WordPress optimized, and cloud web hosting.  Try Dream Host for free today. 


Choose A Niche With Money To Spend

Although children do not earn money, they have money to spend their parent’s money! Retired people are another group that has money to spend. People who have just made a major purchase (like their first home, for example) do not have nearly as much money to spend.

Define Your Target Market

The very first thing you’ll want to do before starting your web home business is to define your “niche.” A niche is a segment of the population made up of your potential customers. A niche includes similar people and excludes dissimilar people and is vital to your web business.


You may think your site does not have anything worth being hacked for but websites are compromise all the time. A website breach can be devastating to your business.

Can you imagine after all the time invested into your business the security has been compromised and all your files are permanently gone? 


My blogging tip would be to always revise every single comment. Respond to positive and negative comments demonstrate that feedback is important to you, be it good or bad. When working on reputation management for your brand, it’s important to respond to your readers. When I get comments, I always make a point to respond.

Back Up

We spend so much time and effort working on our blogs, why not go the extra mile and ensure your blog is backup.

It’s very important to make sure your blog content is backed up frequently. As a blogger or writer, the most important thing you have is content you’ve created. My blogging tip that most people tend to forget is to back up their work. My blogging tip

Invest In Yourself

The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. Whether you want to become a better bloggers or learn how to create an info-graphic is great to always innovate yourself. My blogging tip is to always learn new things always stay ahead of the game. 

Poor Writing Skills

Poor writing skills create poor first impression and can negatively impact your readership. Bad grammar can also damage blog credibility.  Did you know that poor grammar and spelling mistakes also have an impact on your SEO and rankings?

There are many tools you can use to check your grammar. I personally use

Do Not Spam

When you send unsolicited sales messages to someone via a social media messaging system is consider spam. There is nothing wrong with adding sales pitch to your social media site when it’s done tasteful. My blogging tip

If you are constantly spamming your pages and others eventually it will turn off others and they will un-follow you. 

Use Images

Using your own custom made images is a great way to brand your company, boost engagement, and help tell your story. Make sure to incorporate an image on every single post. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups allow you to easily communicate with people who share the same interest as yourself. Many of these Facebook Groups are very large having over 20K members. This will give your post more exposure and increase engagement. my blogging tip

Include A Contact Us

Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Place contact information as many places as you can in your website. The contact us can be a page in your header, add a link in your footer, place links on the sidebars, etc…

The contact us form should include:

  • Business Name
  • Physical Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Emergency Number
  • Website Address
My Blogging Tip And Advice


Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a must for every website or online business. The privacy policy gives peace of mind for your readers and aware of their rights regarding data and information collected. My blogging tip

When creating your privacy policy make sure to include:

  • Tell your customers how their information will be used by your company
  • Tell your customers what personal information is collected
  • Explain any transferred of information to third party companies
  • Tell your customers the use of cookies
  • Give instructions on how users can modify their personal information
  • Give instructions on how users can opt out of future communication

Use a secure processing server when collecting credit cards numbers, bank details, and personal information


About Us

The about us page is one of the biggest component of your website. The page should include a brief description of your business, products, and services. The about us page helps build credibility and increase trust into your organization. 

The about us page can include the following:

  • Mission Statement
  • Details of The Staff
  • Photos of The Organization
  • Biographies
  • Qualifications
  • Recently Completed Projects

Search Box

Add a search box to your website to improve navigation. The search box will make it easier for users to navigate your website.

Site Map

By implementing site map in conjunction with your website helps your visitors have a clear idea of how the site is laid out. Using site maps make it easier for users to navigate and better visibility by search engines. my blogging tip

I hope my blogging tip and advice come in handy! Please subscribe to my page to stay updated with online marketing trends and changes. 

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    This is the first time I visit your blog and find some awesome Pro blogging tips.
    Consistency is one of the major obstruct for me. Trying to get rid of from it.
    Anyway, Thanks for this awesome sharing.

    • Hello Fakharuddin,

      For many bloggers consistency is their major struggle including myself. I am now starting a monthly calendar and trying to stay on a schedule. It has made a difference for me. Thank you for the wonderful comment and support.

  2. Corina Ramos says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I started working from home the day after I quit my job. I had no idea what I was going to do. Thankfully it’s all worked out and I would do it again :).

    You’ve shared some valuable tips here. So glad you mentioned being social. Engaging with our visitors as well as our fellow bloggers either on our blog or on social media is important.

    Definitely passing this along. Hope you’re having a great day.


    • Hi Corina,

      You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing with my readership a bit about yourself. I am glad it has worked out for you and everything is going well.

      Making sure we take time every day to respond to our readership is important. A lot of time, I get so caught up with so many projects and fall behind. I have made it a new year resolution for 2016 to engage more with my audience.

      Thank you for the wonderful comment!

  3. Susan says:

    Great insight and it’s all so straightforward! Thanks for sharing your lessons learned.

    I really like the links to resources and the point about reframing negative comments.

    Continued Success.

  4. Hey Susan,

    You’re welcome! It’s always nice to be able to give input on things I have learned through my years in blogging. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. Hey Nancy,

    Thanks for these awesome blogging tips. They were really beneficial. Most of them are known but they are easily ignored by people.

    I was also interested to know whether you accept guest post or not.

    Cheers ! Nice Work.


  6. Zabin says:

    I’m in the process of a career change after just losing my job. I am interested in starting my own personal styling and image consulting business and appreciate the easy-to-follow advice on blogging and building your own online business. I am encouraged by your story and those of some of the other commenters about starting their own businesses. Thank you!

    • Hi Zabin,

      Thank you for your kind words! Congrats, on your new journey into starting your own personal styling and image consulting business. If there is anytime to do it, now it’s the time. Let me know if you have any particular question? Thanks.

  7. I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this blog.
    I’m hoping to view the same high-grade content from you later on as well.
    In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to
    get my own, personal site now 😉

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