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Top 4 Free WordPress Hosting Providers

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Free WordPress Hosting

Are you looking for free WordPress hosting providers? Well you have come to the right place. I will be discussing the top 4 free WordPress hosting providers. If you’re new to blogging, in the beginning many people choose a free hosting provider to try it out before making a final decision. free-wordpress-hosting

Choosing the best WordPress hosting service is essential in running a successful website/blog that it always up and running.

These days you have an awful lot of options for hosting your website, so many that it’s easy to get confuse and lost in which one to pick.


Why Use Free WordPress Hosting?

One of the benefits of using free WordPress hosting is to get familiarized with this content management system. The second main benefit it’s a free service. You’ll not have to pay anything to have your website up and running.

Free doesn’t necessarily mean better but it’s a great way to get started. You always have the option to switch to paid hosting.


Pros of Free WordPress Hosting Companies?

Save Money

The main advantage of using a free WordPress hosting is to save money. This method allows you to create a website at free of charge. Many newbies start using the free hosting to get familiarize with WordPress, downloading themes, and getting to know the different plugins.

Freedom To Move Around

Another main benefit of using a free WordPress hosting is the freedom of been able to move to different providers. If you dislike the existing company, you have the ability to transfer over with no restriction of time or lose money.


Cons of Free WordPress Hosting Companies

There are many disadvantages of running your website on a free hosting package.


  1. Subdomain: The website address is created by adding a third-level domain to your existing domain name. For instance, might have the subdomain of
  2. Not Enough Space: The free hosting providers have storage limits. You may find yourself running out of web space and needing to upgrade your account to get more space.
  3. No Ownership: The hosting company at any given moment can remove your website from their free service or forcefully charged you a fee to upgrade.
  4. Limited Features: Many of the features such as list building, SEO, monetizing your website, backup assistance, and plugins are not available.
  5. Hosting Advertising: If you would like to run ads and earn money from your website it’s not allowed in free hosting. The providers actually run their own ads.

My Top Pick For Web Hosting Dream Host

My favorite web hosting is Dream Host. The company offers shared web hosting which is an affordable, quick, and easy way for you to get your site online. Inexpensive web hosting, reliable, and feature filled.  Dream host is the leader in shared web hosting, virtual private senders, dedicated hosting, WordPress optimized, and cloud web hosting.  Try Dream Host for free today. 

Free WordPress Hosting Providers In the ranking of the Best Free Hosting sites, is undoubtedly the number one. It gives great features for free. The main advantage is space of 20GB, 200 GB of traffic, PHP versions-three in number, Post office Protocol (POP 3) and an email account. Tools are also provided. Script installer tool contains templates for helping out the users. This top free hosting service does not support any kind of ads.

The comes second in the list of hosting websites. It provides around 1GB of disk space, a File Transfer Protocol account, control panel, file manager and free technical support as well. You also have the option to select from the various domain names and choose the one of your choice. Like the earlier, it too doesn’t support ads on websites. The web hosting website is a simple and easy to use service. It has a simple website builder that will guide you in the process of publishing the website in quick time. Many websites on the Internet are presently being hosted on You can watch the video present on the website to gain better understanding of its working. If you want to know about the plans, you can visit the website. Last but not the least is, which is a pretty decent web hosting service. The plans offered depend on the type of service. Two types of web hosting services are available. You can either opt for the free service or a paid one as per your choice. Under the plans of the free hosting, three pages of content are allowed with 1GB of bandwidth. Along with this, 1GB of space for storage is also provided. It is very easy to use the service. The instructions would definitely enable you to set up the website within a matter of time.


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  1. Corina Ramos says:

    Hi Nancy,

    It’s so good to see there are free hosting sites. But the disadvantages you listed here are good reasons to make the small investment for paid hosting service.

    I’ve heard a lot about Dream Host but the others are new to me so thanks for introducing me to those.

    Going to be passing this along. Hope you’re well and having a great week!

    Take care,

    • Hi Corina,

      I always tell everyone if you can’t afford go ahead and start with the free hosting. You can always transited to a paid hosting. The advantages of paid hosting are much better. I highly recommended making that small investment. Thank you for your comment and support it’s greatly appreciated.

  2. David says:

    Hey Nancy,

    Neat article!

    I just wanted to point out that the last two, Wix and Yola, aren’t really WordPress hosts, as they are their own site builders. Just in case your readers get them confused! 🙂

    All the best,

  3. Mustaasam says:

    Hey @Nancy. Thank you for such a nice article.
    Just to let you know, there is another up-trending WordPress Cloud Hosting named as “Cloudways”.
    You can give it a try!

  4. Rabbi says:

    This article is really helpful to me. I have heard about 000webhost. What do you say about it? I want to know more about 000webhost.

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