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Best Link Building Tactics for Local SEO

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Every Internet Marketer knows very well that Local Link Building is a hard thing. Even though you have enough budget and resources which help you to earn or create local links, the efforts will take time. But building a strong local link profile is an essential thing for your website success in search engines.

We all know about the listing in local directories and listing your site in local maps can earn you a good amount of local links. These are the common local link building processes, so we are not discussing on it. I will explain you some other techniques which can help you in a great way to earn high-quality local links. Check out these best link building tactics for local SEO, which will help you to get at the top of your competition in the local market.

 1)   Content Marketing

You may know all the importance of writing a killer content, right? You may have created tons of content in the relative niche and providing a lot of useful information through that. Your content may have all the stuff that can make you on top of Google. But, what if it is not displaying to the right audience? If your content is in such category, then it’s worthless. Bitter, but true. There is no meaning of creating any appealing or engaging content if you do not push it to reach to the potential readers. There are only some exceptions in this like Neil Patel, who’s content can naturally attract links.

For having an effective Content marketing, you need to first create some strategy for it. Decide what type of content you are going to market, for example, an e-book, a guide, lists, video, how to, podcasts, etc. and then begin to build a list for your niche target. Find similar local blogs to your content and engage with them via comments, your ideas, some other truthful information, signing up their newsletter, following them on twitter, etc. This is an initial step to connect with people and establishing a relationship.

After you have published your content, email people of your community and ask them to share your content if they find it useful. Share your ideas and tell people that how your content will be useful to them. You can also get a help of social media platforms for advertising your content. This will help you to reach targeting audience and can earn your useful local links.

2)  Local Meetings

Often, we have seen that local meet ups result in a gold mine for earning local links. You can check out for the local active groups from the sites like You can search for local groups those are somehow related to your businesses and then find their branch groups too. You can offer you a place to them for meetings and Bingo! You can get local links easily.

You can also promote some local resources by creating a local community resource page on your site. Creating a page like this can help to earn local links from hotels, travel websites, news organizations, etc. If you are not familiar with your local area, you can even take help from Google search to find the best local resources and add them to your community.

3)   Take Part in a Community Event

You can take part in your local community events and can check out for your local links (Auto Dealers are always throwing weekend parties most of the time!). You can also host such an event and call all your potential dealers and their local connections. Hosting such events and organizing parties for the local people can help in getting easy local links.

4)   Get Links from Authoritative Domains

If you have a website, and if some local publishers are writing about you, then it’s natural that they will link to you. Local newspapers and publications are some of the strongest local domains because they continuously develop awesome content with tradition. Give press releases, adds in local publications, get some article written on you or your business in local papers and news channels. This will get you strong local links from high authority domains.

5)   Feature Others in your Community

Businesses, organizations and people never hate to be mentioned, flattered and talked about. You can use this to your advantage. Create some potential content and surround them in your community for doing something amazing. Find something interesting which can be easily shared via different local sources, and also find the right targets who can themselves too, can promote their content.

For example, if you publish a blog post about the best local reporters in your area, then it will make a huge difference. You can also cover businesses, individuals or organizations who are changing your city or area and are making some difference. Not only good things become popular, you can also cover some articles on the topics and news or do something which people hate, it can also make your site or efforts viewable by a lot of visitors and can earn you some local links from that. 

6)   Give Discounts to Students, Teachers, and Alumni

You can offer some discounts to students, teachers, and alumni from some local universities and institutes. Make a page on your website mentioning about this and it will become easy to reach out to get to the local groups and get added to their websites. Do not forget about Senior discounts or Military discounts, it can also provide you good local link building opportunities.

7)   Grasp Local Business Relationships

There are many small businesses which can have a complementary business and willing to provide a link to your site. If you refer and use to get and provide links from another type of business, then this could be a great local link building opportunity.

For example, Doctors can get links from insurance companies, other doctors and from schools also (for emergency clinic references). If you are an Attorney, then you can get links from investigators, process servers and from other services which you can refer to your business. If you are an owner of a greeting card store, then you can get links from local gift stores. Getting links from other business websites is a great local link building tactic.

Local link building in a white hat way is a process which takes some time, deep thoughts, and of course a lot of efforts. But, it is not a difficult task and everyone with some willingness can do it. It is an effective tactic, but for some reason, it is not mentioned often. But, one thing for sure is that these links have incredible strong values, and most important thing is, they are natural, relevant and contextual in the search engine bots. These links will remain on your site till you contribute to your local culture and engage with them.

Everyone wants to be on top of Google search, and for this, most of them are putting a good amount of effort in global marketing campaigns and social media strategies. But, the local link building is a tactic that is easily tracked and can be written out of the algorithm completely in the near future.

So, it the time to be top in local search!

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  1. Deynn says:

    Guest posting on other quality industry blogs is an excellent way to build quality backlinks. Try looking for a website with high domain authority and great trust flow and citation flow. You can check this one at Majestic. Then check their guest post guidelines to know their standards and what you need to have in your content.

  2. Sisikara says:

    Nancy – great article and I already have an idea I can execute this technique on.

  3. Usman Sarwer says:

    Thanks for sharing such information.Recommended

  4. Hi Nancy! I was happy to be found your precise article talking about seo, especially your strategy list, It is not easy to manage the local seo service and maintaining a fresh marketing content, but I am sure it will makes everything easy if I follow this steps. Thank you, so much Nancy!

  5. This link building is different from the other seo article but it is sounds better and interesting one. Nevertheless, the numerous tips are definitely useful for sure…

  6. Ravijit says:


    I think athority links will be most effective link building technique here. It will also help more to rank as compare to other types.

    Thanks for the guide 🙂

  7. I agree with most of your points Mandip. Content marketing is key in link building and SEO. And local SEO should never be neglected.

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