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How-To-Increase-Your-Etsy-Sales-By-Using-Call-To-ActionsI’m super excited about today’s Etsy tutorial. I will be showing you guys how to increase your Etsy sales for 2018 using a call to action. I will be going into depth about each strategy and how you can implement it in your Etsy store today. Also, I will be going over the mistakes that I have made in the past so you can learn from and avoid doing the same. Let’s get started!

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Etsy Seller Tips

Add a call to action on Etsy: Let’s began by defining, what is a call to action? A call to action also known as CTA is a statement design to make the reader take immediate action, such as “buy now.” You can also use it to have the reader take other specified actions, such as “click below to view matching items.” An effective CTA will make the visitor perform the act that you are requesting immediately.

The call to action will help increase your visits, views, and close out the sale.

How can you implement a call to action to your Etsy store? Here are the different CTA’s that I currently use that has increased my overall sales DRAMATICALLY!

1. Etsy-Tips-for-2018You can add a call to action as an image after the mockup of your product. I currently have three call to action in the image section. My first call to action is guiding the potential buyer to read the listing description for more information on the listing and view matching items. I am basically telling the buyer, learn more about the listing below and did you know I also have matching items.

2. My second call to action on the image section is promoting them to share anything they purchase from my shop using my hashtag on Instagram. You can pretty much do this with any social media platform you want to grow brand awareness, reach new potential buyers, and connect with your current customers. Etsy-tips-for-2018

3. My third call to action in the image section is letting the customer know when they promote a small business they’re supporting a dream. Many people don’t know that as an Etsy seller you’re considered a small business. You’re subconsciously influencing the customer to make a BUY from your shop. Etsy-tips-for-2018

4. I also have placed a call to action on my listing description for matching items. I basically say, “Matching Items: Click here to view all matching items! I have the actual link.

**Pro Tip** I initially was using Bitly to shorten down the links since they make them look so much prettier. However, the issue I ran into is that if someone is shopping from a mobile device and click on the link they don’t work on mobile devices, they only work from desktop computers.

5. Place a call to action at the bottom of your listing description to the home page of your Etsy store. By adding the link to your homepage at the bottom will ensure the customer from pressing the back button and exiting your store. You want to keep them along as you can in your shop to increase the likely hood of getting a sale.

6. When a customer sends you a custom request or any type of message close out the conversation with a call to action. Here are two scripts of the wrong and right way to respond to the customer.

WRONG way: 

Potential Customer: Can I change the wording on this invite?

Etsy Seller: Yes

The RIGHT way:

Potential Customer: Can I change the wording on this invite?

Etsy Seller: Hi, How are you? Yes, I can change the wording on the invite for you. Please go ahead and purchase the listing and leave me on “note to seller” the exact verbatim you want on the invite, and I will get started on your order and have the proof for you within the next 1-2 days. Thanks for considering my shop for your design. Also, click here to view matching items for this listing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions or concerns.

You see the difference between the two responses. You want to understand what the customer needs, recap back, and close out the sale with a call to action. Placing a call to action when responding back to customers has increased my sales drastically. I would say 80% of my sales do come from customer service and because of the CTA.


I hope this tutorial comes in handy and helps increase your Etsy sales for 2018. I know at the beginning of opening an Etsy store it can be quite overwhelming but using these strategies will help you build a thriving business.

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